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Abes Oddysee and Exoddus PC level editor
This tool does what it says on the tin, allows you to edit Abes Oddysee and Exoddus levels for the PC versions of the game.
Note that there are some limitations/issues due to the way the games have been written:
  • Not possible add more "collision" items. But you can reuse what's already there.
  • Not possible add new "paths". But you can just edit what's already there.
  • Can't add new music (this is possible if some one reverses the music formats).
  • Changing backgrounds in Abes Exoddus requires code injection via a new DLL.
Even with these limitations it still is possible to create new maps/levels by replacing each path with your custom one.
Version 0.6

  • + Added shortcut keys
  • + Disabled snapping by default (its somewhat buggy anyway)
  • + Cleaned up AO ubx docs and added an image
  • + Added statusbar messages

Version 0.5

  • + Can now replace CAM images, add new CAMS / Remove FG1 blocks and export CAM's for AO only
  • + Fixed some undocumented bugs

Version 0.4

  • + Fixed courrpting issue when using command line tools
  • + Fixed issues with read only lvls or locked lvls courrpting or failing to save
  • + Ask user to save changes when closing / opening new path
  • + Updated more XML objects for AO
  • + OpenGL rendering now works in release mode, the application is now built with GNU g++ rather than MSVC

Version 0.3

  • + Added collision item editor
  • + Fixed a few minor bugs
  • + 99% of AO objects fully documented

Version 0.2

  • + Fixed all known bugs and rewrote LVL archive loading/saving code (there will still be some issues)
  • + Can delete objects
  • + Can add objects
  • + Can set which screen an object will load in
  • + Added "run game" option to quickly launch the game from the editor
  • + All objects have their own XML file to make it easier to document objects
  • + All AO objects are named
  • + Almost all AE objects are named
  • + Added OpenGL rendering mode
  • + Added snap to grid option
  • + Added mini map UI

Version 0.1

First version released.

Abes Oddysee and Exoddus PC sprite/background extractor
This tool allows you to extract all sprites/animations and all back ground images from Abes Oddyse and Abes Exoddus for the PC which can you buy for buttons from Steam. These sprites are contained in BAN and BND files within the LVL files.
Some people have reported that you can use this on the PS1 demo of Abes Oddysee to extract some beta sprites, although this isn't really supported.
Version 0.5

  • +Made cancel more responsive
  • +Support for AO and AE FG1 support
  • +All graphics formats now converted

  • *All previous issues remain, future versions will be bug fixes only
  • *Possible that the none LCD font colours are wrong

Version 0.4

  • +Fixed issue with ABEGAS.BAN and others, *all* frames should now be found
  • +Added support for converting both AO and AE fonts
  • +Started support for AO sprites, many types are not yet support but lots still get converted

  • *Resulting tile sheets are no longer grouped by row, this may be fixed in the future
  • *Possible issue, green and blue are switched? In an old test the button sprite was pink, now its green! Also some bits of blue can be seen in Elum sprites
  • *All frames now have forced 20pixel gaps
  • *FG1 for AO a and AE not yet supported

Version 0.3

  • +Fixed bug where a typed directory path did not have a trailing dir seperator appended
  • +Added a log view to the main UI
  • +App will now extract and convert directly from lvl archives, so no need to extract them yourself before hand
  • +All sprites are now "glued" together into one big image rather than lots of small ones in seperate dirs
  • +Added options dialog to control what stuff is converted
  • +Any frame that has problems converting will be prefixed with Broken_XXX

  • *Issues have been found with ABEGAS.BAN SLOG.BAN and others where no or some frames are not found
Version 0.2

  • +Fixed bug where STP01C11.CAM did not convert properly.
  • +Added decoding all of AO anim sprites.

  • *Issues with type 2 AO sprites converting.
  • *Issues with the palts of some AO sprites.
  • *All AO sprites with issues are prefixed with "Broken_".

Version 0.1

  • First version released.

Old random abandoned projects
This is a collection of old stuff that I've long left for dust. Don't bother asking me anything about these things cause the chances are that I won't remember the answers to what you are asking!
Most of these things come from my uni days.
Super Bomberman 2 Clone

A simple clone of the SNES game "Super Bomberman 2". It was written using DirectX and C++ and features 3 areas each with two levels.

  • arrow keys for movement and navigating menus
  • X key to plant bombs or confirm a menu selection
  • P will pause the game
  • Alt+Enter to switch from window or full screen
  • F keys to cheat or level skip