About the site
This website is a collection of "apps" or applications/programs for various platforms.
If you're interested in editing games or "homebrew" game demos then this place might be of interest to you.
Responses to some of the more common questions:
  • Q. How can I contact you?
  • A. Look at my website name. Add my name with an @ before it, there you go! If you can't work that out then either you are a bot or you are stupid, in which case I don't want to hear from you ;)

  • Q. When will the new version of X be released? Can you send it to me?
  • A. Everything I do on here is done in my spare time which I don't have a lot of. So it will be done when its done! And when its done it will be on this website so check back periodically and don't harass me about it.

  • Q. Can I add you to MSN/Facebook/Anything else?
  • A. Unless you know me in some way I would rather you didn't and will likely ignore your request(s) (Note: Youtube is a slight exception to this rule).

  • Q. Can I have the source code to X?
  • A. If the source code didn't come with the app then the answer is likely no so I would not bother. I only release source code to things that I don't think are a mess and that I consider complete.

  • Q. One of your "apps" doesn't work!
  • A. Likely you've found a bug, if it's not the latest version of the said app then I don't want to know. Otherwise feel free to send me a bug report and a beer and I'll see about fixing it.

  • Q. What is the point in most of these things you do?
  • A. Since I'm a software developer knowing how things work is of value to me. Thus learning new skils and figuring out new stuff is what makes me tick. So a lot of the things I'll put on here including this website are my attempt at learning something new.

  • Q. What programming languages and skills/api's do you know?
  • A. Too many to list! Here are some.. MySql, M$Sql, ASP.NET, C#, C, C++, Perl, Java, Qt, OpenGL, DirectX, Win32, SDL, Allegro, Symbian, Windows Mobile, OpenSSL, Reverse engineering x86 code, PS1, PS2 Linux, XBox1